Location | Rákoskert, Pusztaszentistván, Tápiószentmárton, Zagyvarékas

Planning | 2010-2011

Implementation | 2011-2012

Lead architect: Hajnal Zsolt
Architects: Hajnal Ödön, Kállay Gábor, Kendelényi Péter, Lengyel Ágnes, Szalántzy Kolos, Szüle Péter
Client: MÁV Ingatlankezelő Kft.

One of the busiest suburban lines in the country, the 120A railway line, was opened to travelers in 1882.
Simple rain stops were built at four low-traffic stops: Rákoskert, Pusztaszentistván, Tápiószentmárton and Zagyvarékas. According to the project requirements, the changing weather conditions and risk of vandalism had to be taken into account at these unmanned stops, and an altogether simple, yet timeless construction had to be built. The structure, which consists essentially of two planes, a back wall and a canopy, forms a single huge block. The lighting was inserted into the raw concrete roof covered with plastic paint, and a hidden drainage channel was cast into the concrete, which thus has no movable parts. The ticket machine has been installed in the back wall, and the comfort of the waiting areas is ensured by solid wood seating.


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