Location | Szőlősnyaraló

Planning | 2010-2011

Implementation | 2011-2012

Lead architect: Hajnal Zsolt
Architects: Hajnal Ödön, Kállay Gábor, Kendelényi Péter, Lengyel Ágnes, Szalántzy Kolos, Szüle Péter
Client: MÁV Ingatlankezelő Kft.

One of the busiest suburban lines in the country, the 120A railway line, was opened to travelers in 1882.
The building of the Szőlősnyaraló station next to Sülysáp was built in the 1960s, in the modernist style of the era. During the current renovation, we removed the overlapping attachments and elements from the building that had accumulated over time. We placed large glass surfaces behind the legs, so the building became pleasant, bright, transparent, its rhythm calm, nicely blended into its rich green environment. Although the building became lighter during the renovation, it retained its original dimensions, proportions and structure. The building is intersected by a gateway that facilitates passenger movement and creates a direct connection between the platform and the town.


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