Location | Gödölő, Állomás square 1-3.

Planning | 2016

Implementation | 2019-2021

Lead architects: Hajnal Zsolt, Kendelényi Péter
Architects: Kállay Gábor, Szalántzy Kolos, Szüle Péter
Client: NIF Zrt.
Scale: 5300 m2
Photos: Török Tamás

Past and present: Complex reconstruction of Gödöllő* Railway station

/* Hungarian city located 30 km from Budapest with 32000 inhabitants/

The Royal Waiting room is the main attraction of the site, which was built in neo-renaissance style for Franz Joseph and Sissi in 1882. Representation was the main focus of this building, while functionality is the main character in the new station built thirty to forty meters away. Here, the barrier-free accessibility, the elevators, the illumination of the square and the comfortable platforms covered with unique roofs form a unit all together, providing the free flow of the passengers. The idea is that commuters can take the fastest and the shortest route possible while transferring.
The mass of the light, two-story high main station and the Royal Waiting room is similar. The building does not want to compete with its older counterpart, but to engage in dialogue with it. Despite its vast dimensions, it leaves its neighbor as the architectural focus of the area.
Old and young: 19th and 21st century: they fit well together in Gödöllő.


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